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Our week long workshops bring together folks from various backgrounds whose common interest is timber framing.  The workshop will aim to cut the entire frame, and then the frame will be auctioned or sold. Sometimes the frames are already privately commissioned, pre-sold, or benefits promised to a mission project or charitable cause like a well in Haiti or boat in Nicaraugua. Workshops focus primarily on in-shop instruction in laying out and cutting frame pieces from stock timbers, with a trial assembly or raising on the final day to illustrate the principles of frame assembly.  In addition to in-shop instruction there are a few discussions about other aspects of timber framing, covering a variety of subjects ranging from frame design, use of reference sides, characteristics of wood, and the overall project design process. If you have a design for a timber frame structure, bring it with you and we can discuss that, too.

Workshops begin at 8 am on Monday and end at 5pm the following Friday. The class runs from 8 am to 5 pm daily, with 1 hour break for lunch.   Meals are not provided, so bring your own grub.  There is a $350 registration fee.


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